Zero-Copy Architectures Are the Future

In a previous post, I discussed the unbridled copying of data by IT and the new design principle called data minimization, and I said that it was time for data-on-demand architectures. In fact, the post was a plea for developing zero-copy architectures.

Although zero copying of data may not be realistic in the near future, we should still strive for it. It is like zero-emission cars. If the entire life-cycle of such cars is considered, they do emit CO2. If the energy used while driving the cars and during their construction does not come from wind, solar or nuclear power, they still emit CO2. But the car industry strives for zero emission, and that is recommendable. It is time we do something similar with data architectures: we should strive for zero-copying of data in our architectures.

In this post I focus on intra-organization copying of data and how data virtualization can help to make this dream come true. I will provide four examples of what can be done.

Read more in Originally published on October 27, 2022.



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