Denodo is a very partner-friendly company, and here I’d like to share some thoughts about how Denodo works with our partners. I’m referring not only to our technology partners, but also to our cloud partners that host the Denodo Platform, as well as our systems integrator partners, our channel partners, and our value-added reseller and distributor partners.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Working together with our technology and cloud partners, our goal is to make sure that the customer experience is nothing short of fantastic. We try to do this by improving the Denodo Platform as well as the overall joint solutions that we put together by working in tandem.

As part of this effort, we invite our partners to join in an agreement with us and exchange product licenses so that we can perform interoperability tests and work closely together to come up with ways to improve our joint solutions in the context of each customer’s specific needs.

We work together in development as well as testing, to validate the performance of each other’s products in a variety of realistic use cases. Once we have accomplished a good technical integration, we establish a roadmap to ensure that the technical integration improves over time.

Our Joint Go-to-Market Strategies

We also try to go to market with our partners whenever it makes strategic sense. We may create pieces of joint collateral, joint webinars, joint customer success stories, and other materials that enable us to collaborate more effectively, and we leverage those assets for demand generation and promotional activities, such as promoting each other’s events.

We work very closely with our cloud partners Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba, in Asia, advocating for the cloud as an effective way to support a variety of data sources, and the Denodo Platform as an effective way to integrate those sources.

Systems Integrators and Consultants

Denodo has been performing triple-digit growth in some years, consistently about 60 percent a year. So as we grow from a product license perspective, we very much care about our customers’ experiences in implementation, as well as their expanded use of the Denodo Platform. In this effort we need data consultants, data strategy consultants, and management consultants who can educate our customers and teach them more about how data virtualization and agile data management solutions can enable digital transformation, advanced analytics, predictive analytics, AI, ML, and other complex, demanding initiatives.

To support our systems integrator and consultant partners, Denodo provides a tremendous amount of training content, customer success content, architecture workshops, and other materials, free of cost so our partners can easily use our content while remaining neutral, and also be in a position to provide customers with helpful advice.

The Denodo Partner Program is extremely friendly to our system integrator and implementation partners. We provide them with various levels of content for architecture, development, and administration, as well as content covering the Denodo Platform and the broader context of implementations such as data lakes, hybrid clouds, and data services. We work closely with our partners in this effort and provide them with training, assessment tests, and certification, and we always encourage our customers to go to our partners to find their services.

Resellers, Distributors, and Other Channel Partners

Denodo is very focused on large enterprises, all over the world. Because we now operate in 16 countries, where we might not always have a local presence, we depend on our reseller, distributor, and other channel partners to find new opportunities for Denodo, and we compensate them with a very attractive partner remuneration program. Of course we also support them with sales training, sales material, co-marketing events in the field, and other such go-to-market resources.

Join us!

Overall, companies will not find a partner program that’s more partner-friendly, or more customer-focused, than what we have at Denodo. We encourage you to join the Denodo Partner Program, and also the Denodo Partner Portal, where you’ll find plenty of resources, free training, sales tools, and ways to grow your business.

Originally published at on September 23, 2020.




We do #DataVirtualization We care about #AgileBI, #BigData #Analytics, #Dataservices, #DataManagement, Logical #DataWarehouse Web, #SaaS and #Cloud integration.

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We do #DataVirtualization We care about #AgileBI, #BigData #Analytics, #Dataservices, #DataManagement, Logical #DataWarehouse Web, #SaaS and #Cloud integration.

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