The Data Warehouse is Dead, Long Live the Data Warehouse, Part II

My previous post explained that, in my mind, the data lakehouse differs hardly at all from the traditional data warehouse architectural design pattern (ADP). It consists largely of the application of new cloud-based technology to the same requirements and constraints we tackled over the decades of data warehousing. My conclusion there: vive le data warehouse!

In this post, I move to a more substantial challenge to my declared position on the future of the data warehouse. Let’s unpick the data mesh.

Data mesh was first described in a May 2019 article, “How to Move Beyond a Monolithic Data Lake to a Distributed Data Mesh,” by Thoughtworks consultant, Zhamak Dehghani. Her choice of starting point — a Monolithic Data Lake — for this journey offers a clue to much of the thinking that follows. I return to this point in a moment, but first, what is a data mesh?

Read more in Originally published on November 24, 2022.



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