Having been privileged to witness the evolution of the data science and artificial intelligence (AI) scene in the Middle East for the past 10 years and having spoken at one of the first big data events in Dubai back in 2013, it is clear to me that there are considerable opportunities for AI in this vibrant region. Recently, I got the chance to present on the top 10 AI challenges of companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, at Virtual Executive Boardroom: Key Insights on Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise, which took place at DigiConnect (UAE) and was delivered to top C-level executives and senior data managers from the most relevant companies in the GCC region.

In this post, I will not get into each of these ten challenges. However, I will focus on a common issue that came up as a top priority for them in a quick live poll during the session: The issue of trusting decisions made by AI.

Originally published at https://www.datavirtualizationblog.com on November 18, 2020.




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