Data Virtualization in the New Era of Lending

In recent years, the banking industry has seen the emergence of new modes of financing, new business models, and the development of new technical innovations, all of which relies on the digital exchange of financial data.

With open banking and new legislations like Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2) in Europe and Account Aggregator in India, regulators are responding to the need for a simplified structure in which financial data can be exchanged.

In this post, I’ll explain how data virtualization can assist the banking industry in this complex setting.

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We do #DataVirtualization We care about #AgileBI, #BigData #Analytics, #Dataservices, #DataManagement, Logical #DataWarehouse Web, #SaaS and #Cloud integration.

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We do #DataVirtualization We care about #AgileBI, #BigData #Analytics, #Dataservices, #DataManagement, Logical #DataWarehouse Web, #SaaS and #Cloud integration.

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