The Flexibility of the Denodo Platform

  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS): The Denodo Platform enables organizations to expose data through APIs, providing a strong foundation for DaaS implementations.
  • Data Warehouse Modernization: Traditional on-premises data warehouses have limited support for today’s rich variety of data types. With the Denodo Platform, organizations can modernize their data warehouses without requiring downtime or otherwise disrupting user activity.
  • Logical Data Warehouse Architecture: Going one step further than a data warehouse modernization, many organizations are leveraging the Denodo Platform to implement logical data warehouses, which connect to disparate data types, logically, rather than physically collecting them in a single repository. This is important, because organizations are always trying to gain a single version of the truth from their data, and in a more simplified manner.
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science: Data analysts and data scientists often spend more time collecting the right data than analyzing it. The Denodo Platform offers an advanced data catalog that simplifies data discovery for these users by listing all of the available data in a single, organized, and curated list. To make life even easier for these users, the Denodo Platform’s data catalog even provides direct access to the needed data.

Deployment Models

  1. Bring your own license (BYOL): Organizations can purchase one or more Denodo Platform licenses directly from Denodo and deploy the Denodo Platform within the organization’s own infrastructure, as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) deployment model.
  2. Deploy on your chosen cloud marketplace: Organizations can purchase the Denodo Platform directly on their chosen marketplace (AWS, Azure, or GCP), where it is deployed by the cloud provider. This deployment option offers a wide range of prices and configurations. Organizations can start small and grow as needed.

The Case of GetSmarter

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