Building Quick, Robust, and Flexible APIs with Data Virtualization

  • Can I develop back-end APIs fast enough to keep up with my front-end application development? Or to keep up with my evolving business needs?
  • How many specialized developers do I need on my team?
  • How can I minimize costs when integrating data from a SaaS cloud application with a complex, pay-as-you-go API?
  • Can I offload historical data to a cheaper storage solution without impacting my customer-facing web site?
  • How do I continue to access data from my CRM while I’m migrating my ERP?
  • My development team would like to try out a new API technology such as GraphQL; do I really want to also invest in back-end development, before I’ve seen the potential benefits?

Data Access: The First Development Hurdle

Building a New API with Data Virtualization is as easy as Connect, Combine, Consume

Do You Speak REST, OData, GraphQL, or GeoJSON?

When Your Data is a Moving Target



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