API Data Access Made Easy: Connecting Web Services with the Denodo Platform

Public and private organizations around the world are opening doors to their data, and to data geeks like me, this is a very good thing. Data that was once locked within inaccessible corporate databases, flat files. or perhaps even spreadsheets on a researcher’s computer, are now often available for public consumption via standardized APIs. Commercial APIs and public open data initiatives are spreading fast and are adding value to applications and analytical projects alike.

I live in the Paris region, and one of my favorite free examples of this is Open Data Paris. Do you want to know where to find an available Vélib’ bicycle share, in real time? Or would you like to locate a drinking fountain or a public toilet? Want to know which sites are used for film shoots? Or get a list of all of the remarkable trees in Paris parks and streets? It’s all there, from the prosaic to the exotic, in JSON format via a RESTful API web service.

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We do #DataVirtualization We care about #AgileBI, #BigData #Analytics, #Dataservices, #DataManagement, Logical #DataWarehouse Web, #SaaS and #Cloud integration.

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We do #DataVirtualization We care about #AgileBI, #BigData #Analytics, #Dataservices, #DataManagement, Logical #DataWarehouse Web, #SaaS and #Cloud integration.

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