Inundated with Data

  • The vast amount of data is still in siloes
  • The requirement to democratize data, by enabling consistent and trustworthy data flow management in the cloud
  • Data security and governance concerns, when it comes to integrating the data

Leveraging Azure Synapse and the Denodo Platform to Enhance Business Agility and Insights

The Benefits of the Denodo Platform with Azure Synapse

  • Seamless Interoperability: Native support for Azure Synapse provides optimal query generation and enables customers to take advantage of advanced features like windowing and statistical functions, to guarantee optimal query push-down.
  • Advanced Optimization: Support for techniques like data movement (data shipping) that enable multi-pass executions based on intermediate, temporary tables.
  • High-Performance Caching: Use of Azure Synapse as a high-performance caching database for the Denodo Platform in the cloud.
  • Frictionless Data Movement: The ability to leverage Azure Synapse APIs with the Denodo Platform to enable customers with frictionless data movement to Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS gen2).
  • Metadata Integration: Integration with Azure Synapse metadata catalog provides the metrics to outline an optimally efficient query plan.

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