LeasePlan is a Dutch automobile leasing and financial services provider that specializes in fleet management services. Since its establishment in 1963, LeasePlan has evolved into the world’s largest fleet management service company, currently operating in 32 countries across the globe. LeasePlan has over 6,800 employees and operates around 1.8 million vehicles. It operates in two large and growing market segments: Car-as-a-Service for new cars, through its LeasePlan business, and the high-quality used car market, through its CarNext business.

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Organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud to take advantage of scalable yet elastic computing and storage resources. The availability and economics of the cloud for flexible and scalable high-performance environments has radically changed the way information architects envision the future of enterprise information management and application deployment.

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Today, the market offers a wide range of IaaS options for data storage, with several public clouds vying for the attention of enterprise customers.

Still, on-premises systems remain an option, and several companies prefer to maintain their own private clouds. In addition, they also continue to run many other SaaS applications and leverage other data sources such as web applications, APIs, PDF content, and Excel spreadsheets.

In this scenario, many organizations maintain not just one or two simultaneous repositories, but several, which can be flexible and cost-effective.

However, this also has its drawbacks.

When we need to unify data for holistic analysis, complex queries, or data science applications, the data integration process often introduces an additional layer of complexity.

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In this increasingly digital economy, we have seen major change in customer behavior over the last several years as customers switch from traditional channels to digital ones to interact and transact business. Today, the vast majority of purchases take place via mobile, social, and e-commerce applications as opposed to face-to-face. And if anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to online as companies have been forced to go there to survive. The problem with all this is that if you want to create customer intelligent applications, you need to integrate customer data and insight and share it across all customer facing applications. However, many companies are struggling with this.

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“Data mesh” is a new data analytics paradigm proposed by Zhamak Dehghani, one that is designed to move organizations from monolithic architectures such as the data warehouse and the data lake to more decentralized architectures. As long-time supporters of logical and distributed architectures, we at Denodo share many of the data mesh principles. In this post, I will briefly summarize them and discuss why data virtualization is a key foundation for data mesh.

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BITanium, based out of South Africa, is a longstanding Denodo partner. Here, I would like to highlight the stories of two companies that have leveraged our partnership to unlock the full power of data within their organizations.

First, a little background on BITanium: We are a consulting company with extensive experience in banking, insurance, healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), mining, and retail. We build, run, and support modern data environments that meet business goals, using advanced technology solutions like the Denodo Platform, and we are focused on solving the problems that arise in a constantly evolving data landscape.

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Before use, there is always awareness, but before awareness, there is always knowability. These are the elements that, followed in sequence, enables the use of data and information to generate value, value that can be realized in accordance with the purpose (or the intentionality, as John Searle would put it, in “Intentionality: An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind”) of those who use it.

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